Act 1

[We see Gosalyn, shrouded in a thick grey fog in the black pitch of darkness]

[An eerie, scary voice laughs, echoing through her surrounding]

Gosalyn: (gasps) "Who's there?"

Voice: "Will you play with me?"

[Gosalyn swivels her head around to see a yo-yo rolling across the floor]

Gosalyn: "Whew. I must be imagining things..."

[Gosalyn does not realize she is being watched by a pair of glowing red eyes and an orange beak with sharp, drooling fangs]

[Creepy, evil laughter fills the air as Gosalyn finds a door and opens it]

[as she opens the door, she is led to a room filled with sinister-looking jack-in-the-boxes]

[As she steps closer into the room, she finds herself face-to-face with a demonic spirit known as Paddywhack]

[Gosalyn screams in terror]

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