Nega Scrooge McDuck is the counterpart of Scrooge McDuck in the Negaverse.


Unlike his normalverse counterpart, Nega-Scrooge didn't make his money square. Some say his fortune really began when he stole a giant opal from Australian natives; however, his real activities started around 1896 in the Klondike. At the time, had bought a saloon named the Blackjack where he was stealing money from honest golddiggers, including the honest and hard-working Nega-Goldie, who tried to reform him through kidnapping him and forcing him to dig for gold, to show him how hard a gold-digger's life was; however, Nega-Scrooge was far beyond redemption at that point.

Though his money was acquired by less-than-honest means, Nega-Scrooge is notable for giving tremendous amounts of money away to charity organization and paying his nephews Nega-Donald, Nega-Huey, Nega-Dewey and Nega-Louie 30 dollars a minute.

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