Melyndra bio

Melyndra is the 9 year old daughter of Gosalyn and Honker , she's got the personality of her parents like her mother , very tough, tomboyish and full of action and like her father kind , gentle and smart. Melyndra is a big fan of her grandfather Darkwing Duck (and no he's not old at least not in my version story ) and her "uncle" Launchpad . Melyndra has her own favorite superhero who's just like her grandfather only he's called Glowflight Duck and his sidekick is Blastplad , her best friend is a field mouse Maurice , she's consider as a weirdo by the snotty kids Harry , Paige and Ernie who often insult her , Melyndra dreams of being Glowflight's sidekick and the two have a Darkwing Duck and Gosalyn relationship .


Melyndra is a duck with white feathers , blue eyes, long black hair , a tangerine beak and yellow-orange feet. She wears a pink shirt with designs on them and pink pants unlike her mom she doesn't wear shoes .


Melyndra is a tomboyish child she's kind , caring and good hearted but also tough, stubborn , and hyperactive , she's very intelligent like her father honker and she has a strong fist not afraid to stand up for herself nor her friends


"Oh Donna!" (main catchphrase )

"Alright Man!"

"Lets do this thing"

"Wait the what the why?"

"Mmm yeah !"

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