Freindly Four

The heroes

Heroes of the Negaverse is a fan series by Heather the dragon rider. It stars Nega Gosalyn and the Friendly Four, and follows their adventures as they try to clean up St. Canard. This is harder than it sounds however, because in the Negaverse, you get arrested for being good!





Number Episode Name Summary
1 When Good is Bad Negaduck returns to the Negaverse, to find that somebody has been fixing up St. Canard and making it pretty. Now Gosalyn and the Friendly Four must go into hiding.
2 Shocking News When Megavolt is arrested, his friends must help him escape from jail.
3 Fun Times When some of Quackerjack's toys go bad, the Four have to round them all up and stop them before they get to Negaduck to reveal the secret hideout.

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